Show dates: August 12 & 13. Shine it up and get ready for the judges.

General show vehicles: $25.00 each vehicle per day – $40.00 for weekend registration of the same vehicle. Register online.

Discount for Car Clubs – For members of recognized car clubs we offer a pre-paid registration fee of $15 per car when TEN OR MORE of your club members also register. You can enter in one of two ways. 1) Submit ONE CHECK for all participants with a separate registration form for each car. Or 2) have each club member make out check to The New Hope Automobile Show, attach it to the registration form and submit it to one club member who will pull all the checks and registration forms together and mail them in ONE ENVELOPE with the Car Club Discount Form to: New Hope Auto Show, P. O. Box 62, New Hope, PA 18938. Download Car Club Discount form here. For more information, call us at (215) 862-5665. Or email us at

Register early – Because the show is limited to 250 vehicles per day, it’s important that you get your registration form and payment in to the New Hope Automobile Show office as soon as possible. For cars wishing to register day of show, there is an additional $5 fee. However we must warn you that because of our limited space, the popular divisions fill up quickly and day-of-show registrations can’t be guaranteed. IMPORTANT: As we are a totally volunteer organization, we do not have the ability to easily process refunds. If for some reason you register and then are unable to attend, please consider your registration fee as a charitable donation. We appreciate your understanding. Thank you.

Be ready for judging – While every consideration is given to automobiles in original condition and to owners who are new to the hobby, we can accept only automobiles which are ready for judging. Automobiles not ready for judging may be ruled ineligible to compete and turned away at the gate. In these rare cases, pre-paid entry fees will be refunded.

Display only vehicles. If you do not wish to have your vehicle judged, you are welcome to show in the appropriate category. Please indicate on your registration form that you do not want to be judged. Simply check the “Do Not Judge” box.Vehicles must be in presentable original condition.

Show car arrival time – In order to qualify for judging all show cars must arrive at the show grounds by 10:30 am both Saturday and Sunday. The show car gate opens at 8:00 am both days. Vehicles arriving after 10:30 am may not be eligible for judging. For public safety reasons, we must close the show car gate at 12:00 noon.

All show cars should enter show grounds from Bridge Street at the front of the high school. Upon entering, car owners will stop at registration table for check-in. After check-in, cars will be directed to photographer’s location where a photo is taken of car. From there, event marshals will direct show car to the proper division location.

Trailered cars should enter show grounds from Bridge Street at the front of the high school. At the registration table they will receive their paperwork and then follow signage / directions to trailer parking. After unloading, show car should be driven back to the registration table, where car will be directed to the photographer’s location for a photo, and then directed to the proper division by our event marshals.

Safety first – All show vehicles must have fire extinguishers. Please heed the marshall’s instructions while moving your vehicles on show grounds. Always observe a safe speed. We do not wish to have a pedestrian-vehicle accident. Think Safety!

Judging standards – In most divisions, judging guidelines and standards follow those generally accepted by nationally recognized owners groups such as the AACA. In marque divisions, the standards are usually those of the marque’s owners club.

The Governor’s Cup – All AACA, CCCA, LCOC, RROC and other nationally recognized seniors and juniors compete in the Senior Division for the Governor’s Cup of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and are recognized with NHAS preservation awards. The finest pre-1950 (through 1949) and those made in 1950 and after, each receive a replica Governor’s Cup on Sunday afternoon and their name inscribed on the perpetual Governor’s Cup trophy. While all automobiles in the Senior Division may attend both days, they are presented with only one preservation award. The automobiles judged to be the finest in the two classes on Saturday are invited to return on Sunday for the final judging.

Parade of Champions – One of the highlights of the show each day is the Parade of Champions in which all award winners pass through the awards area so owners may receive their trophies. The Parade of Champions begins after all judging is completed, at approximately 2:30 each day. All other show car owners are asked to remain on the show grounds until this popular feature is completed.

Authentic Automobiles Only – Only authentic models of recognized automobile manufacturing companies are accepted. Customized cars, aftermarket parts modified vehicles, replicas, kit cars, and other such vehicles are not accepted. Vehicles in the High Performance Production Cars (HPP) division must be American made and completely stock as delivered by the manufacturer without modifications. Late model Shelby Cobra automobiles will be accepted with proof that the vehicle was manufactured at the Shelby facility. Vehicles may be turned away on the day of the show if modifications are found. There are no exceptions.

Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Use – Because the show is conducted on school grounds, consumption of alcoholic beverages and the use of tobacco products in any form are strictly prohibited at all times. State and local regulations prohibit any exceptions to this policy.

PetsNo pets are allowed on the show grounds unless they are Leader, or Seeing Eye, dogs or other animals used for assistance by handicapped persons.

Select your division.

Saturday August 12, 2017
When registering a vehicle online, indicate your entry division by using the codes in bold at the end of each line shown below.

Senior Cars: All National prize winners to 1990 | SR
Cars of the Twenties: All domestic makes and models 1920-29 | 20
Cars of the Thirties: All domestic makes and models 1930-39 | 30
Cars of the Forties: All domestic makes and models 1940-49 | 40
Cars of the Fifties: All domestic makes & models 1950-59 | 50
Cars of the Sixties: All domestic makes and models 1960-69 | 60
Cars of the Seventies: All domestic makes and models 1970-79 | 70
Cars of the Eighties: All domestic makes and models 1980-89 | 80
Antique Trucks:
All trucks to 1990 – Original or restored | AT
Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg/Pierce-Arrow/Packard: All years and models (authentic only) | ACD
Avanti: All years | AV
Corvette: All to 1990 | K
Datsun/Nissan: Z cars only, no modifications; 1971 – 1990 | DN
Fire Engines: All to 1990 | FE
High Performance Production: All American made makes & models thru 1985: stock or restored only | HP
Lincoln Continental: Lincoln, Continental, Zephyr: 1921-1990 | L
Military Vehicles: All to 1990 | MV
Model “A” Fords: All years | MA
Model “T” Fords: All years | MT
Mustang: All to 1990; stock or restored only | FM
Nash: All years | N
Professional Specialty Cars: Cars modified for use as Coaches, Rescue Vehicles & Ambulances to 1990 | PC
Racing Cars-Domestic: Vintage and Contemporary, authentic cars thru 2000 (road race only) | RCD
Shelby: Original and Continuation Cobras, Series 1, Shelby Ford Mustangs all years | SC
All models, including Lark – all years | SB
Thunderbird: 1955 – 1966 | T
Vintage Antique: All makes pre 1900 – 1919 | VA
Volkswagon: Karmann Ghia, Beetle, Bus, Thing – no modifications permitted; All to 1990 | VW
All makes & models (no simulated wood ) | WD

Sunday August 13, 2017
When registering a vehicle online, indicate your entry division by using the codes in bold at the end of each line shown below.

Senior Cars: All National prize winners to 1990 | SR
Alfa Romeo: All years | AR
Antique Motorcycles:
All to 1990 | AC
Austin Healey: All years | AH
BMW: All models thru 1990 | BMW
Classic: Autos recognized by the Classic Car Club of America. See for listing | C
Corvair: All years | CV
All years | DE
French Connection:
Citroen/Facel Vega/Peugeot/Renault; all years to 1990 | FC
Foreign Exotic:
Aston Martin/Lamborghini/Ferrari/Maserati/DeTomaso/Pantera/FordGT/GT40, all years | FX
Jaguar: All models thru 1990 | J
Lotus: All years | LT
Mercedes Benz:
All models thru 1990 | MB
MG: All models and years | MG
Morgan: All years | MR
Porsche: All Models thru 2000 (no Cayenne SUV) | P
Historically Preserved Original: All Domestic and European makes & models thru 1990 (Photo MUST accompany registration) | HPOF
Production Chrysler/Plymouth:
All makes & models thru 1990 – Imperials to 1965 | PCP
Production Ford/Lincoln/Mercury: All makes and models thru 1990 | PF
Production General Motors: All makes & models thru 1990 | PGM
Racing Cars-Foreign: Vintage and Contemporary, authentic cars thru 2000 (road race only) | RCF
Rolls-Royce/Bentley: All models & years | RR
Specialty Class Cars: Fiat/Lancia/Bugatti/NSX – All years | SCC
Triumph: All years | TR
TVR: All years | TVR
Vintage Chevrolet:
All models 1912 – 1960 | VC
Viper: All years | V

August 12 & 13, 2017. Registration opens April 1.

Register after April 1

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