Make our show grounds your showroom.

This year we’re going back to a 2-day show, so as an auto dealer, what better way to show off your cars than to a field of thousands of prospective buyers.

Also, your showroom is closed on Sunday. But why miss the opportunity to show your new models to  7,000+ enthusiastic automobile buyers in a bucolic atmosphere built around the love of the automobile? Our attendees may not come to the show intent on buying a new car, but they’re relaxed and don’t necessarily feel the pressure of an auto showroom. It’s a chance for you to stimulate all their senses as they step into your latest model.

In 2016 a simple greeting under a dealer tent on Sunday resulted in the purchase of a $70,000 automobile the following week.

People who come to see antique and classic cars can’t pass up a chance to experience the styling, technology, and comfort of the newest models.

We have several Dealership packages that can give you a modest presence or allow you to dominate the field.

So shine up some of your latest models and bring them to New Hope on August 10th and 11th.

For more information, call the auto show office at 215-862-5665 or email us.