All the cars on ONE day!

This year, you’ll see EVERY marque on Sunday, August 13.

Senior Cars: All National prize winners to 1990
Cars of the Twenties: All domestic makes and models 1920-29
Cars of the Thirties: All domestic makes and models 1930-39
Cars of the Forties: All domestic makes and models 1940-49
Cars of the Fifties: All domestic makes & models 1950-59
Cars of the Sixties: All domestic makes and models 1960-69
Cars of the Seventies: All domestic makes and models 1970-79
Cars of the Eighties:All domestic makes and models 1980-89
Antique Trucks:
All trucks to 1990 – Original or restored
Auburn/Cord/Duesenberg/Pierce-Arrow/Packard: All years and models (authentic only)
Avanti: All years
Corvette: All to 1990
Datsun/Nissan: Z cars only, no modifications; 1971 – 1990
Fire Engines:
All to 1985
High Performance Production:
All American made makes & models thru 1990: stock or restored only
Lincoln Continental: Lincoln, Continental, Zephyr: 1921-1990
Military Vehicles: All years to 1990
Model “A” Fords: All years
Model “T” Fords: All years
Mustang: All to 1990; stock or restored only
Nash: All years
Professional Specialty Cars: Cars modified for use as Coaches, Rescue Vehicles & Ambulances to 1990
Racing Cars-Domestic: Vintage and Contemporary, authentic cars thru 2000 (road race only)
Shelby: Original and Continuation Cobras, Series 1, Shelby Ford Mustangs all years
All models, including Lark – all years
Thunderbird: 1955 – 1966
Vintage Antique: All makes pre 1900 – 1919
Volkswagon: Karmann Ghia, Beetle, Bus, Thing – no modifications permitted; All to 1990
Woodies: All makes & models (no simulated wood )
Alfa Romeo: All years
Antique Motorcycles:
All to 1990
Austin Healey: All years
BMW: All models thru 1990
Classic: Autos recognized by the Classic Car Club of America. See for listing
Corvair: All years
All years
Foreign Exotic:
Aston Martin/Lamborghini/Ferrari/Maserati/DeTomaso/Pantera/FordGT/GT40, all years
French Connection: Citroen/Facel Vega/Peugeot/Renault; all years to 1990
Jaguar: All models thru 1990
Lotus: All years
Mercedes Benz: All models thru 1990
MG: All models and years
Morgan: All years
Porsche: All Models thru 2000 (no Cayenne SUV)
Historically Preserved Original: All Domestic and European makes & models thru 1990
Racing Cars-Foreign: Vintage and Contemporary, authentic cars thru 2000 (road race only)
Rolls-Royce/Bentley: All models & years
Specialty Class Cars: Fiat/Lancia/Bugatti/NSX – All years
Triumph: All years
TVR: All years
Vintage Chevrolet:
All models 1912 – 1960
Viper: All years